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Huaqing palace


In November 2014, DPS reached a cooperation agreement with the famous shaanxi huaqing palace .In the next three years, DPS serve as the brand marketing consultant ,  helping it to successfully achieve the brand transformation, integration and planing development strategy, and form a good brand operation mechanism.

Helping it rebuild the brand system, formed by HuaQing tourism as the parent brand, hua qing  palace, everlasting regret and HuaQing royal hotel as the core brands, hotspring HuaQing HuaQing management creation for the business brand system, and create the tong aimed to make the bath culture brand, and to the brand concept,.Accordingly,building the management system of brand decision committee, brand management center .It laid the foundation for the internal incubation and extroversion development of the Chinese culture brand.

In addition, DPS also helped the Huaqing palace to develop the brand communication strategy, the planning of festival activities, the design and development of marketing tools, and the  public relations management.