The team


Harry Hu

16 years working experience in CYTS, one of the top 3 travel companies in China. Harry started the outbound travel business in 1991 when China authorized only 3 nationwide companies to start the business. He worked as the General Manager of Outbound Department , CMO of  CYTSONLINE.COM. He also worked as  Director of Strategic Development  for CYTS’s investment in real estate, hotel and resort destination (Wu Zheng)
With his good experience in travel industry and personal connections with  al the major decision maker in the trade, he started his own business (DPS Consulting)In 2004 as a professional  destination marketing company to help both international and domestic clients to explore the booming China travel market.

General manager
Tina Bai

16-year experience of brand marketing, Tina was the former vice GM of Market operations Dept. in CYTS Electronic Commerce, the GM of Development & Business Dept. in the National Tourism Administration information center, the vice general manager of Davos Peak Tourism Planning & Design Institute.

Core Team Members

DPS Executive Director
Jianxing Jia

He worked in CITIC Group for project development. Now he is mainly engaged in the related industry investment and financing and fund business, information technology, biotechnology, and tourism project development, etc.

The founder of WOW Sports Manager of DPS Shangha

Expert of China electronic marketing & hotel operations. He was the former Hangzhou manager of Elong,general manager of Meiyi Travel

DPS Vice-general manager
Olivia Liu

20-year tourism work experience, 1988-2008 service in Guangdong Livid international travel agency co., LTD., was the former general manager of outbound travel Dept.